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Craft #3: Tribute to Home

I only have 2 months left before school starts, and I wanted to make something to remember my hometown by when I move into my new apartment. I saw this cute project on Pinterest the other day, and decided to give it a try. It took me about 3 days to complete, but it was totally worth it!

Instead of making the plaque like the OP did, I just bought a precut one from Michael’s for about $9. I used a thicker crochet string and put in the nails first before painting—personal choice. I noticed that you didn’t need to wrap the string very tightly, since the tension started to bend the nails lining the heart. So learn from my mistake, and you can avoid warping the hammer job you worked so hard on :P

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Hi! I'm Sunny, and this blog follows the cooking and craft-making I never had the time to attempt until now! I'm a recent college graduate, starting medical school this fall. Join me and let's see how many projects I can screw up in my summer off ;)